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Educação Ambiental

There are no translations available. Educação Ambiental: Diagnósticos, Palestras, Oficinas, Seminários, Eventos pontuais, Material educat...


Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), Single Environmental License (LAU), Reforestation and Forest Management.


environmental projects (PCA, PRAD, EIA/RIMA, EIV/RIV, PBA and related); environmental licensing (LP, LI, LO, LOP) granting of water resources;


Georeferencing Rural, Property Valuation, Agricultural and Forestry Projects.

Geology and Mining

DNPM, Geological, Geophysical and Hydrological Studies.

Remote Sensing

GIS and Remote Sensing. Landsat Satellite Imagery, IRP6, SPOT, QuickBird, GeoEye, etc ...

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