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Educação Ambiental

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Rural Environmental Registry (CAR), Single Environmental License (LAU), Reforestation and Forest Management.


environmental projects (PCA, PRAD, EIA/RIMA, EIV/RIV, PBA and related); environmental licensing (LP, LI, LO, LOP) granting of water resources;


Georeferencing Rural, Property Valuation, Agricultural and Forestry Projects.

Geology and Mining

DNPM, Geological, Geophysical and Hydrological Studies.

Remote Sensing

GIS and Remote Sensing. Landsat Satellite Imagery, IRP6, SPOT, QuickBird, GeoEye, etc ...

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- Elaboration and execution of environmental projects (PCA, PRADA, EIA/ RIMA, PBA and its related), environmental license, granting of water resources;

- Geoprocessing;

- Remote sensing;

- Rural georeferencing;

- Elaboration and execution of civil engineering projects (roads, sidewalks, lanes, streets, airports, land leveling, water supply and sanitation, dams and dikes, drainage and irrigation, civil construction, renovation and conservation of buildings related);

- Project and execution of landscaping and urbanism design;

- Provision of services in the geology and mining areas, geophysical and hydrological studies;

- Provision of agricultural services in general;

- Evaluation of urban and rural properties, urban and rural planning;

- Projects in the Agricultural and Forest areas;

- Legal Consulting;

- Training;

- Cartography, topography and geodesy services;

- Development and licensing of customizable computer programs;

- Technical support, maintenance and other information technology services;

-  Development of custom computer programs;

-  Development and licensing of computer programs not customizable;

-  Activities management consulting business, except specific consulting;